In the midnight,I heard some murmurs in the far East corner of the house .I had taken my torch light and moves towards the location where sound came from.As I was moving towards the location ,the sound disappeared all of sudden. Deadly silence fills the environment,I was hearing the tic-toc sound of wall clock very clearly….

The murmur sound came again intensely from the backyard and stops immediately.I started feeling the adrenaline rush in my body synchronized with the rhythm of heart which is a result of fear …

I just opened the door which is between me and the backyard to know what was going there.The silence in the environment gave a chill to my heart which was already stuck by the fear and cold environment.

I turned back to switch on the backyard light and found myself seeing a Vast plain landscape .

Where the hell was my home……? How was a plain landscape could be in this place which used to be filled with houses…?

As my thoughts clashing in my mind,I heard a sudden intense murmur behind my back.I switch on the torch light with some hesitation and turned myself to see what’s there…This turning back process frankly takes a lot of efforts to face what’s behind me .

I was seeing grassland where the grasses are very few inches less than my height…

Now, I started feeling her presence.A grave feel endured my heart as I again heard the murmur adding up with grass movements towards me …
The murmur increases as well as the grass movement also increases and “it’s her” I said to myself .. A sudden roar, My heart skipped few beats due to the roar…

I was standing there immobile with eyes closed .I was totally afraid as I felt her presence very near by .The silence scared me as I was totally aware of the movements due to it..She was revolving around me and I didn’t felt her presence all of a sudden.

I opened my eyes slowly , She gave a deadly roar before my face .. I fell down as we were still seeing each other’s eyes. She was furious which was obvious in her eyes , I could see her stripes clearly also.

I lost my consciousness as she was approaching me like a hopeless prey..

I felt her demon teeth at the end of my night pant .She was bit conscious about holding only the pant not the leg…

Though my eyes closed and am unconscious , I could visualize this that she was trying to move me to her place….

As I gained my consciousness back , I found myself in the middle of a forest cave . I could hear a waterfalls nearby ..The sun light piercing inside the cave from the opening of cave..

I was moving towards the entrance of cave with no idea what’s happening in my life.I found her in the far side ,a 500 m away from the cave near the waterfalls ..

Her stripes were magnificent in the sunlight and she was licking her body ……

Kring kringggg kring kringgggg kring kringgggg

The Alarm tone interrupted my sleep…

I have no idea what this dream is about..
Whether it’s a nightmare or something..
I had this same incomplete dream many times …
It seems like the tigress wants to convey something with me . But, what ….!

With thoughts clashing in mind , I catch up with my daily routine….



“Concern Surpasses time”

On a drizzling weather of winter and the end of the year, the fetus  stepped into earth with a one day delay on the month(Dec’2).


The infant crawls, grows, scribbles and speaks at last which fulfilled his mother’s first  concern .

The infant doesn’t know that concern is an emotional outcome of dreams (which their parents put on him to be the best in the society) at that time.

The concern surpasses times as his parent’s dreams changes during time.

Whenever he falls during his journey of life, their concern, faith and moral support is (was, will be) there for him to rise.

The parents have concern towards the infant (teenager, Man) in every walk of his life in academics, friends, love, job and so on for making him a better person.

The infant started understanding the real meaning of the word “concern” at his teenage.

He duly realized that his task is to make the concern vanish by fulfilling their dreams in reality.

The infant as past teens understand that their concern grows as he grows and never forget that he is improving himself while makes the concern vanish.

I here by the infant of 21 years old for my parents makes their dream into reality.

I do know that the concern grows .But, I’m ready to make it vanish.


At ….last concern is an emotional outcome of making everyone better.


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At ……………………………Last

Atlast, the NRI son, daughter in law and a cute fairy toddler (Here, Fairy describes that the baby is visiting his hometown for the first time) paid a visit to their hometown. The toddler surprised, worried, played as he viewed through the cab they hired for their journey from airport to home town.

The old man with a wrinkled face and a fragile speak welcomed all and called his grandson to his side In order to play with him. As the old man knows that he doesn’t have enough time as the baby is departing soon. He started pouring the infinite love towards his grandson which he stored for long .

With a formal introduction that I’m your grand pa and the toddler told “aah”(baby slang for surprised) with a broaden smile .

The smile connected their hearts which had been miles apart on the day before.

The old man lived a century while playing with the child. He described the fame of their hometown as the toddlers enjoyed it.

As the family about to depart, the old man’s son had captured a pic of his father holding the baby. The pic speaks a lot, the old man and toddler started counting their days for the next reunion.

The grandparent’s love are unconditional avail it when it’s available.

The Snatching vampires in Educational Hub”


The City which is one of the prominent educational hub in Asia is  under threat!

The City which served as the Capital of Early Cholas is under Dark!

The City Which known for its historic infrastructure(Rock -Cut Caves) is under attack!

The City bears the name Trichinopoly by the fellow English and Tiruchirappalli by the respectful Hindu etymology!

The Tiruchite’s(Demonym of Trichy ) were  (are or will , hoping will should not used here ) in an unpleasant  environment created by Snatching Vampires.

The Snatching Vampires(Since , Chain snatchers is a polite way to calling the criminals or thief) is in duty on the clock of 360 degree (24 hours)!


On this(30.12.2015) fine morning half a kilometer away from Woraiyur Police Station, a mature Indian woman at the age of 40-50’s doing her regular work of putting rangoli( Normally known as “kollam”,for decorative and spiritual belief of welcoming Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi.) in front of  her house at 5’o clock .

Without knowing the threat she was going to face on the next minute , she was emerged with her regular activity .

The snatching predator , at the perfect time snatched her Gold chain and diamond stead as she was putting rangolis.

This unexpected happening made her fall due to giddiness ( she lost blood due to injury on  her ear as a result of snatchers hard drift)

Snatching prone area :

Like sun rise and sun set , the snatching was(is) happening in various places of Trichy. The Cops are also on duty catching few snatchers.

But in few places , the cops find more time in catching persons not wearing helmets (even though some snatchers may be caught on this occasion ,everyone of us know that what its for ?)

The robbery,theft, snatching  was(is) happening in and around Trichy in various places like Ramalinga Nagar ,Woraiyur ,Thiruverumbur ,e.t.c.

It’s time to act .Since, in each and one of us family consists of mature women above 30’s who are prone to be caught by snatchers .

It may even lead to death or serious injury .since, snatchers only care about getting what they want in few minutes .

Act now!  Question every strangers who  roams in your area frequently!

(Because,Cops can’t be at every place and snatchers usually studies the area properly before involved in snatching)

Make precautions to avoid snatching like cover necks with sarees and Dupattas e.t.c

Kindly,  mature woman avoid going alone to any places .(Mainly early mornings, Mid noon  and late nights )

Every one of us are responsible for every happenings in our Trichy.

Be responsible! Be aware! Protect our Home!

Let the dawn of 2016 and upcoming years be intact in Trichy

(“The title is not meant for attractive purpose.” )

“Abandoned Past “

Long Long ago!

A Mighty king awakes (born) in the land of fortune and excellence in a unique ,inverted, irregular, triangular broken piece of Pangaea or pangea (Super continent) which is formed due to movement of tectonic plates over the years.

The One of the Undefeated kings in South Asia !

The king from a dynasty known for its Bravery in wars!

The dynasty known for its culture!

The dynasty known for its Sculptures( Insisting this words)!

The dynasty Known for its sea trade!

The dynasty is none other than “Chola dynasty” !

The Mighty king is Raja Arulmozhi Varman who is also known as Raja Raja Cholan or Ponniyin Selvan !

Who motivated art works ,sculptures e.t.c which is everlasting!

From Tanjore Big temple or Brihadeeswarar Temple to lots of temples across India were from their(Chola kings) majestic ruling period .

But ,The  monuments which are  actually comes under National Heritage across the Nations were(are or will can be used also since its continuing process ) destroyed by their own race(humans).

Its time to protect it ! Maintain it !

Or Future Generations will know everything across the world by surfing and browsing through google or Wikipedia only.

As the present monument existing now became past for them due to  destruction.

On other side, abandoning of sculptures are also taking place  !

For Example,

An Abandoned (now renovating ) SOMANATHAR(shiva) SWAMI KOIL (also known as periya koil by locals ) located in palaiyaru .It roughly takes 20 minute to reach PALAIAYARU from kumbakonam .

THE GREAT KING “ARULMOZHI VARMAN “( raja raja cholan ) was sleeping in his kallarai in Udaiyalur which is near by palaiyaru.

After several arrivals from outer rivals and local rivals (pandyas and cheras ) Periya koil is standing with damages . It’s good to see renovation work ( locals said renovation going on for past few years )going on there

Like this in most of places , renovation works are going for name sake and some places are abandoned without care.


It’s true that we can’t maintain monuments or sculptures!

But it’s Actually about Stop Destructing it with or without knowing its true values .

It’s time to remember legends from our place(Earth) like Raja Raja Cholan and maintain his art works for the future!

Stop destroying ! Start thinking !

“Because Past is the only thing ,We can gift to future”





“There is No(every)body there”

The below lines are about World’s last man who belongs to the only  race(humans) responsible for global warming,deforestation and in turn ,he lost everyone including his family!

The world’s last man,

Alone in a room!

In a four storey building in the far land;

There is nobody there!

No sign of zombies so far!

No sign of aliens till now!

No sign of spooky creatures anywhere!

There is nobody there!

“Other than him and a few gallons of water,

And a slice of bread;”

His sad little mature face!

Tells a story,

What he went through so far?

“The story of a little girl

Walking in the lawn

With his happy little mature face father”

Now, there is nobody there!

Is it?





Its humans ………..



“The man is  all alone due to natural calamities like deforestation ,ground water scarcity ,elnino e.t.c.  and his own human race is responsible for that .”

If love,smile and Helping others  are a part of your everyday life,There will be everybody there!

Stop hating ,Start loving .

Care about everyone and the environment around you !

Stop being greedy ,Start loving nature ;

It’s what?,Life is all about!

I’m here, my dear mother

The cry that made you smile,
The  kick that made you joy ,
The little things I’ll do ,
Made your day ,

My ten-month long run ,came to an end .
I’m here, my dear mother .

Don’t know anyone else ,
Thought that your name is mom ,
Until the age of five,
But dad calls you by another name ,
Which disappointed me a little .

My first word was with you ,
My first love was obviously you ,
I’m here,my dear mother.

The smile of an angel,
A friendly teacher,
My best friend,
It’s obviously you.
                                                                                         -I’m here ,my dear mother .